Title: Five Times Jonghyun and Taemin Showered Together and One Time They Have Done It All.
Authorkoukaiaru / minhosnoona.
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: band!fic.
Length: 9500 words.
Fandom: KPOP; SHINee. 
Pairing/Focus: Jonghyun/Taemin.
Summary: The swimming pool was quiet, everyone else having retired to their respective rooms. Kibum had taken a phone call two hours before and had never come back, Minho soon following after him. Jinki was probably still at the bar with their manager. There had been some families with children, but they had skipped before it had even had the chance to get dark outside. Now the sky was only illuminated by the city lights, hardly any star visible over the cityscape.
Warnings: None.

Title: Breaking News.
Rating: PG.
Genre: AU.
Length: 880 words.
Fandom: KPOP; SHINee. 
Pairing/Focus: Taemin/Key.
Summary: Jonghyun interviews Taemin about his partner for the yearbook.
Warnings: None.

Anonymous asked: "gosh, i can't believe that people who feel they're entitled to demand from this blog are real. they're the people that is constantly providing fics and doing this for free for us anyways. you guys must forget that they are not just some internet beings, they're actual people with actual lives who don't owe you anything. stop whining please."

You took the words out of my mouth haha. Honestly, I’m trying not to get angry about this but at the end of the day fanfiction is there, it’s just as easy for you to find it as it is for us. I’m trying my hardest, but if you want fanfiction it’s easy to find. Search AFF, search fic rec tags, find masterlists, this isn’t meant to be the chronicle of fanfiction, there’s loads out there. 

To be honest I think a lot of this stems from a general lack of respect for content creators in general in the fanfiction community. I’ve talked about it before, on both my main blog and as an author, but there’s a general feeling of being entitled to fanfiction that’s really detrimental, and it means that the vast majority of readers rarely engage with the authors at all, so less authors are writing consistently. There are real people writing the fanfiction just as there are real people reccing it.

Thank you for being so supportive though! I’m going to try and sort it out but it’s just ironic that this all happened on the day that I made a queue lmao.

—Admin B

Anonymous asked: "I think what this blog could really benefit from is recruiting admins who don't read ALL the pairings. It's hard to find someone who likes all pairings. I, for example am an avid reader, I know so many good fics, but I read Jongkey or 2min only (very unoriginal, I know). So, I'd suggest to recruit people who read different pairings so that all pairings get enough coverage on here. PS: I thought about submitting one of my own fics but I couldn't since it's not finished yet :/"

Ahh yeah, I think that would be an ideal situation, and to be honest that’s what I’m considering doing at the moment. It’s not a bad thing to read jongkey and 2min haha! I pretty much never read them so it’d be a massive help. 

Haha, I know and that sucks but honestly keeping a catalogue of finished fanfic is so much easier and far less disappointing to people because we can’t promise they’ll be finished. If it helps I’ve never posted any of my own fics haha, I often just think it would come across as kinda awful of me.

—Admin B

Anonymous asked: "I think you need new admins. I've applied every time it's been asked. I read daily and have no reason not to post, such as my sexuality. I'm a lesbian, but don't use that as an excuse. I think whoever makes these choices is biased and that's why this blog is falling apart. It's pretty sad really."

Whoah okay, we don’t need to turn this into some anti-asexuality agenda. I’m not using my sexuality as an excuse not to post, it just makes it more difficult to find fics for people that may want rated fanfiction. I’ve always been acutely aware that the pairings I post and the ratings I post may not be what everyone wants, and I want to post fanfiction that everyone will enjoy.

It sucks that you weren’t accepted when you applied, but it’s not my fault that you haven’t been given a post, I’m one of the newest admins on here so I’ve had no experience with recruiting people before. I don’t know whether they’re biased, but I didn’t know any of the people who admin this blog before I joined and they didn’t know me, they had never heard of me, and they’re some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

At the end of the day I could recruit more people, but when you’re all trying to bully me into doing things I’m far more likely to just give up and not post again. This is a blog made for the community by the community, and it makes me really sad to see people attacking it when in all honesty we’re just trying to give you fics to enjoy.

—Admin B

shiningstar02 asked: "What is the point in having so many admins if no one can update? Ok, I understand that you hace lots of thing to do, we all have, but can you take an hour of your time and checo the askbox? A week ago I left the link to a fic that some anon as looking and it isn't on the site yet... don't get me wrong, I love this tumblr, but I can help but hate that detail"

There’s pretty much only me as an admin at the moment because people have other things to be doing, and I not only run this, I admin shinee-replay on livejournal, I write a lot for my writing blog and I’m currently in the process of moving to another country so I’m spending 99% of my time with people that I’m going to miss, not on the internet reading fanfiction. I’m aware that this blog isn’t updated very often sometimes but I currently do not have the time to be reading so much new fanfiction to post a new one every day and I haven’t even had internet for the past week so it’s been nigh on impossible.

Secondly, there’s nothing in the inbox, it’s completely empty bar a few fanfiction recommendations that people have sent in but I haven’t got around to reading yet, so if you sent something in we haven’t received it.

I always check the askbox and post things that we are sent, but Tumblr is temperamental so you can’t expect everything to get to us. If you want to send it again then you can, and I’ll post it, but please understand that posting the amount of fanfiction that I have to single handedly is really difficult, especially considering I don’t read all SHINee pairings habitually and I’m asexual so reading anything rated is really uncomfortable for me. 

I’m trying my best, but there honestly isn’t even enough fanfiction being written for me to even post a new one every day, and even if there were I don’t have enough time at the moment. I’m sorry that some of you are used to getting a new fic every day but that’s really not possible given my circumstances and the fact that barely anyone is writing consistently any more. If you want to send in fic recs that would help me a lot but I’ve asked before and no one is willing to send them.

—Admin B

Anonymous asked: "Do you know the name of that onho fanfic where Jinki keeps eolling on to minho's bed while he sleeps?"

Anonymous asked: "an onkey fic set up in stripper au where jinki is introduced to stripper key by jonghyun and then onkey fall in love. onew wants key to quit his job but key is worried that how will they survive only on jinkis income. yeah kindof like this. i hope u can help me with this."

Title: Complimentary.
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: AU.
Length: 704 words.
Fandom: KPOP; SHINee. 
Pairing/Focus: Jonghyun/Onew.
Summary: Jinki is caught up in Jonghyun again. It’s been happening a lot since their talk and the events thereafter. Though, he thinks others would agree, it’s really hard to not get caught up in Jonghyun, and all that he is.
Warnings: None.

Anonymous asked: "There's a het fic I remember where one of the members turns into a girl and then after they've banged whichever member they turn back into a guy and sads ensue. Do you know the one I'm talking about? Pretty sure there's a happy ending."

Hi! I think you’re referring to Switch by g-odalisque13 - it’s a jongkey :)

—Admin B