Anonymous asked: "Has anyone had any luck finding that onho with ex joon and jinki having issues saying I love you yet??"

Not that I know of put I’ll post this as a reminder!

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lifeinblackandpink asked: "That sweet OnHo fic is "This Truth May Vary" by royalwisteria. Link: royalwisteria(.)livejournal(.)com/13619(.)html."

Thank you! Also thank you to jinkirella who also sent the link in. Here it is, guys. 

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Anonymous asked: "Hi! So I'm looking for this OnHo fic where Minho is on a plane and he finds his ex boyfriend Jinki, who used to be afraid of heights working there as a flight attendant. I don't remember much after that but I know they end up together again"

Anonymous asked: "Do you know of a fic where luhan is a photographer and while photographing onew and jonghyun who are in a d/s relationship, they have a threesome?"

OMG I ACTUALLY KNOW THIS ONE!! Refusing to Settle by hiddenmeghanis
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keynk asked: "I believe one of the ot5 fics one of the anon is searching for is "sins" by booboos (the one with Jonghyun screwing him against a window). Also, the fic about Taemin being the water boy was written by Ichigosama on aff and sadly, was deleted. \:"

Ahh thank you! Here's the link. Maybe someone has saved it though?

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Anonymous asked: "hey i was wondering if you could help me find a fic? it was ot5, with taemin being punished by the other members and like he's not allowed to come, and i don't really remember what the others did to him, but i remember Jonghyun screwing him against a window was the first one. it was on aff and now i can't find it because i don't remember the name T-T"

mrsclaychoi asked: "damn, that taemin fic anon requested you the find sounds hot. damn hope someone finds it.. but im looking for this ot5 fic too. I havent read much ot5s but this one i read a long time ago was onew centric,. everyone was kind of taking care of onew.. i think hed come home and kibum teased him and taemin and everyone,and then jonghyun was the final straw with his skinship. im sorry that i cant be much detail. its been so long and i like this fic but i cant remember past this. i want it on my rec"

Hopefully someone will recognise it!!

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Anonymous asked: "Hey I am trying to find the name of this fic I haven't read it in forever I am pretty sure it was on both AF and LJ but I found it on AF and it was really popular there. It is an OT5 verse where all of SHINee is on a basketball team and I think Taemin is the water boy and the other four members decide to gang up on Taemin and have sex with him and Taem really likes it and then there is a sequel with a lot of EXO and they have sex with Taem while the rest of SHINee watches."

lifeinblackandpink asked: "I believe the anon is thinking of "Creativity" by xiahbuns. Here's the link: xiahbuns(.)livejournal(.)com/14136(.)html"

Thank you! Here’s the link guys.

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Anonymous asked: "So, I've been looking for this adorable Onew-centric fic and I can't find it anywhere. I'd like to say I remember it vividly though, so maybe someone else can find it? Jinki has an odd ability to draw people to life and at first, they're imaginary but when he gives part of himself away (i.e. Jonghyun is given Jinki's warmth) they become real? I know the order of drawn people is Jonghyun, Kibum, then Minho, and that Taemin is the masterpiece saved til the end. Help?"