Anonymous asked: "that one JongKey fic where Key's searching for his cat and ends up in the cursed house is called Beautiful People by killibinbin. it's on aff."


luckystar1412 asked: "Hi! I'm looking for this Jongkey fic, that I think was on AFF, in which Kibum loses his cat and looks for it in a forest, and he faints and wakes up in a castle that happens to be cursed, Taemin, Jinki, Minho and other groups' members are part of the service, Sekyung is trapped in a mirror, and Jonghyun is a kind of sorcerer, after some time all of it disappears and after a year Kibum sees them again but they don't remember him... I tried to look for it but I didn't find it :( help me please.."

Anonymous asked: "Do you know, there's a relatively newish fic where jjong and Minho were on a soccer team and jjong barely ever tried and minho was captain, jjong blew him off in the shower and the coach was outside the stall???"

Anonymous asked: "Can anyone recommend some good New Year's Eve/Christmas Eve kiss fics?"

Anonymous asked: "Hi! Could u help me find this Jongyu fic pls? I think it was highschool! au. Jjong is a known slut who's always saying inappropriate things to Jinki, at some point they hookup, fight and Jinki realises there's more to Jonghyun than he thought."

Anonymous asked: "Has anyone had any luck finding that onho with ex joon and jinki having issues saying I love you yet??"

Not that I know of put I’ll post this as a reminder!

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lifeinblackandpink asked: "That sweet OnHo fic is "This Truth May Vary" by royalwisteria. Link: royalwisteria(.)livejournal(.)com/13619(.)html."

Thank you! Also thank you to jinkirella who also sent the link in. Here it is, guys. 

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Anonymous asked: "Hi! So I'm looking for this OnHo fic where Minho is on a plane and he finds his ex boyfriend Jinki, who used to be afraid of heights working there as a flight attendant. I don't remember much after that but I know they end up together again"

Anonymous asked: "Do you know of a fic where luhan is a photographer and while photographing onew and jonghyun who are in a d/s relationship, they have a threesome?"

OMG I ACTUALLY KNOW THIS ONE!! Refusing to Settle by hiddenmeghanis
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keynk asked: "I believe one of the ot5 fics one of the anon is searching for is "sins" by booboos (the one with Jonghyun screwing him against a window). Also, the fic about Taemin being the water boy was written by Ichigosama on aff and sadly, was deleted. \:"

Ahh thank you! Here's the link. Maybe someone has saved it though?

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